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art trade with kileha!!!!! 

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Hey guys so the semester is starting up again and with tuition and food looming, I’ve decided to start up some rolling commissions.

Here’s some info if you’re interested:

  • I take commissions through
  • I take any subject/OCs/fandom however I do have a limit when it comes to NSFW.
  • These prices are flat prices for one character. For each additional character it goes like this: Sketch/Lineart/Flat Colors +$5, Detailed Colors +10$.
  • I use paypal for payment, but that can be discussed more through e-mail.
  • And for now I’ll be doing rolling commissions, meaning I’ll have 5 slots to start, and each time I finish one of the first five I will move down the list.

Please signal boost this if you can, I could use the help <33

I’m opening up more slots~ 

why must you do this

Uh uh I love them.


everyone’s got that couple of fanfics that you just read over and over even though you practically know it by heart because it’s so perfect it’s like a favorite book and you just catch yourself clicking to a random chapter on it because it’s so good it’s comforting to reread it

Hinata getting some much deserved Senpai love.